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North Highland Whisky Tours - from £549 Per Group


This put quite simply is a Whisky Tour inclusive of fantastic North Highland scenic beauty with an opportunity to combine your Whisky passion with some visits to special places and other attractions.   The North Highland Whisky Tour is very popular with Whisky tourists and quite rightly so as it is home to many world famous whisky brands including Glenmorangie, Glen Ord, Dalmore, Clynelish  and Balblair. Also popular with our guests is the Whisky Tasting Room at Carnegie Whisky Cellars, Dornoch which give an excellent tutored whisky tasting experience..

There are also some good options as far as lunch goes with a good availability of Restaurant and Pubs  in and around the distilleries you will be visiting.

Upon arrival at your distilleries of choice you can take a tour, take a tasting or have a walk around the visitor centre or shop where whisky and other keepsakes can be purchased. Some distilleries also give visitors the opportunity to bottle their own whisky from a unique cask and this is registered in the distillery records thus making you part of the distilleries history.

A days Whisky touring in Speyside would typically include tours at 2 distilleries and tasting visits at a further 2-3 distilleries with lunch taken at some point. If tours are not being taken then further distillery visits tastings are possible.

Tours and tastings are many and varied however for a standard tour normally about 1.25  hours should be allowed and tours start from around £10 (GBP) with some more specialised tours costing much more. Tastings are similarly priced on a sliding scale depending on the quality of the whisky being sampled and in some cases complimentary tastings are offered. A tasting will often come accompanied by some “tutoring” where a knowledgeable member of the team at the distillery will speak to you about the whisky you are tasting and the processes involved in making it.

Tours and tastings are best booked in advance, particularly during the summer months.

Whilst most Distillery visitor facilities are open during the busier summer months, others restrict opening hours and facilities during the winter months. Sometimes for operational reasons Distilleries close to visitors and seasonal holiday closures also apply. Most of these issues are known in advance and we will always ensure that the elements of any booked tour are checked to ensure availability.

The cost of the tour does not include distillery tours, tastings or food however we can happily assist with making bookings as you wish. In some cases payment for tours can be taken on the day of the tour and in others, advance payment is required. Where advance payment is required this will be added onto the booking deposit.

Assuming a collection point in or around Inverness the retail charge for this tour inclusive of up to 4 persons is £549 but email with your requirements for an exclusive and generous discount !!.

For more persons and for other collection points from elsewhere in Scotland please contact us for a tailored no obligation quotation